Inventory Stock Status

Inventory Stock Status Updated: 6/4/18

Fully Stocked
Aspen White | Bristol Chocolate | Espresso Shaker | Glazed Cherry | Glazed Mocha | Heritage White | Platinum Shaker | Hickory Shaker | West Point Grey | York Cherry | York Coffee

On Order
White Shaker WS-RHF36 End of June
White Shaker WS-MD3042 Next Available
Shaker Cherry SC-MD2430 Middle of June
Shaker Cherry SC-W3318 Middle of June
Shaker Cherry SC-WR3315 Middle of June

Although dates given for arrival are expected delivery dates - keep in mind that containers can be delayed as much as three to four weeks due to customs inspections, weather overseas and here at home, and production delays. We put this list out so that you know do not use it as a permanent arrival date.