Inventory Stock Status

Inventory Stock Status

For any and all inventory inquiries, please email [email protected].

Fully Stocked

Current Backordered Items
Color SKU
Aspen White ASP-B36
Aspen White ASP-BA24
Aspen White ASP-CDB36
Aspen White ASP-MW3030
Aspen White ASP-UCD30
Aspen White ASP-UOC3396
Aspen White ASP-W1830
Aspen White ASP-W3015
Aspen White ASP-W3321
Aspen White ASP-W3612
Aspen White ASP-W3621
Aspen White ASP-W3642
Aspen White ASP-W4236
Aspen White ASP-W4242
Aspen White ASP-WCA1230
Aspen White ASP-WCA1236
Aspen White ASP-WFF342
Bristol Chocolate BC-B21
Bristol Chocolate BC-DP1242
Bristol Chocolate BC-PR3015
Bristol Chocolate BC-UC2490
Bristol Chocolate BC-V3621DL
Bristol Chocolate BC-W0930
Bristol Chocolate BC-W1530
Bristol Chocolate BC-W0942
Bristol Chocolate BC-W2430
Bristol Chocolate BC-W2730
Bristol Chocolate BC-W3030
Bristol Chocolate BC-W3324
Bristol Chocolate BC-W4230
Bristol Chocolate BC-WR3315
Espresso Shaker ES-BSD6
Espresso Shaker ES-CDB36
Espresso Shaker ES-UC2490
Espresso Shaker ES-W1536
Espresso Shaker ES-W1812BG
Espresso Shaker ES-W1836
Espresso Shaker ES-W2112BG
Espresso Shaker ES-W2142
Espresso Shaker ES-W2742
Espresso Shaker ES-W3012BG
Espresso Shaker ES-W3018
Espresso Shaker ES-W3036
Espresso Shaker ES-W3618
Espresso Shaker ES-W3636
Espresso Shaker ES-W3642
Espresso Shaker ES-WDC30BG
Espresso Shaker ES-WDC36BG
Platinum Shaker PS-OCS8
Platinum Shaker PS-V2421
Platinum Shaker PS-W1812PG
Platinum Shaker PS-W3621
Hickory Shaker HS-B48
Hickory Shaker HS-BA24
Hickory Shaker HS-BF6
Hickory Shaker HS-BSD6
Hickory Shaker HS-CDB36
Hickory Shaker HS-DP1230
Hickory Shaker HS-LCM8
Hickory Shaker HS-LWR3015
Hickory Shaker HS-RHF30
Hickory Shaker HS-SGH
Hickory Shaker HS-UC1884
Hickory Shaker HS-VA48
Hickory Shaker HS-W1230
Hickory Shaker HS-W1830
Hickory Shaker HS-W2130
Hickory Shaker HS-W2436
Hickory Shaker HS-W3012PG
Hickory Shaker HS-W3015
Hickory Shaker HS-W3030
Hickory Shaker HS-W3330
Hickory Shaker HS-W3630
Hickory Shaker HS-W3930
Hickory Shaker HS-WBC2730
Hickory Shaker HS-WCA1230
Hickory Shaker HS-WDC2430
Hickory Shaker HS-WFF396
Hickory Shaker HS-WSC30
Heritage White WH-UC1896
Heritage White WH-W2412BG
Heritage White WH-WDC42BG

Although dates given for arrival are expected delivery dates - keep in mind that containers can be delayed as much as three to four weeks due to customs inspections, weather overseas and here at home, and production delays.

Legacy Oak has been discontinued as of August 1st, 2018.
York Coffee has been discontinued as of January 31st, 2019.
York Cherry has been discontinued as of June 28th, 2019.
Glazed Mocha has been discontinued as of June 28th, 2019.
Glazed Cherry has been discontinued as of June 28th, 2019.

For more information about this change and current inventory information, please contact your local A&M Supply sales representative or email our cabinet sales team at [email protected].